“Delivering Guaranteed Sheep’s Milk Cheese”


About Caseificio Conti

As a Leader in the Industry, Caseificio Conti has proudly delivered for the past 25 years high quality products using exclusively milk collected from farms selected for quality, breeding care, and pastures where the sheep feeding takes place in close contact with the nature.

Caseificio Conti collects and process exclusively sheep’s milk coming from sheep breeding in neighboring areas, such as Cammarata, San Giovanni Gemini, Palazzo Adriano, Prizzi, Lercara Friddi and Castronovo. All of these areas are authorized to sell milk, in accordance with the governing law (D. P. R. 54/97) and are regulated by severe healthy inspections to assure the highest care of hygiene and cleanness.

Furthermore as part of its own quality control Caseificio Conti conducts random checks up in the milk supplier’s farms to make sure that the sanitary safety rules are observed in full.

Our cheese products are made of sheep’s milk only!

  • sheep’s cheese
  • sheep’s caciotta or primo sale
  • sheep’s cheese with herbs
  • sheep’s cheese with black pepper
  • sheep’s cheese aged
  • sheep’s ricotta
  • sugared ricotta cream (great for cannoli)


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